EKAW 2008 - 16th International Conference on
Knowledge Engineering and Knowledge Management
Knowledge Patterns

29th September-3rd October 2008 - Acitrezza, Catania, Italy

Accepted Posters


Francois-Elie Calvier and Chantal Reynaud, Guiding the Ontology Matching Process with Reasoning in a PDMS

DongHyun Choi and Key-Sun Choi, Automatic Relation Triple Extraction by Dependency Parse Tree Traversing

Marie Gustafsson, Göran Falkman, Olof Torgersson and Mats Jontell, Collaboration Patterns in a Medical Community of Practice

Miroslav Vacura and Vojtech Svatek, Pattern-Based Representation and Propagation of Provenance Metadata in Ontologies

Enrico Francesconi, Sebastiano Faro, Elisabetta Marinai, Maria Angela Biasiotti and Francesca Bargellini, A Framework for Schema-based Thesaurus Semantic Interoperability

Tatiana Gavrilova and Alexander Voinov, Cognitive Reengineering of Expert’s Knowledge by the Implicit Semantics Elicitation

Jose Manuel Gomez-Perez and Oscar Corcho, Problem Solving Methods as Semantic Overlays for Provenance Analysis

Erick Antezana, Mikel Egaña, Ward Blondé, Vladimir Mironov, robert Stevens, Bernard De Baets and Martin Kuiper, The Cell Cycle Ontology: a step towards Semantic Systems Biology

Tomas Kliegr, Jan Nemrava, Martin Ralbovsky, Jan Rauch, Vojtech Svatek, Marek Nekvasil, Jiri Splichal and Tomas Vejlupek, Semantic Annotation and Linking of Competitive Intelligence Reports for Business Clusters

Asunción Gómez-Pérez and Mari Carmen Suárez-Figueroa, NeOn Methodology: Scenarios for Building Networks of Ontologies

Paul Doran, Valentina Tamma, Luigi Iannone and Ignazio Palmisano, Evaluating Ontology Modules Using Entropy

Luit Gazendam, Veronique Malaise, Guus Schreiber and Hennie Brugman, Comparing background-knowledge types for ranking automatically generated keywords

Claudio Baldassarre, Supporting Subject Experts with Ontology Maintenance

Davide Picca, Distinguishing general concepts from individuals: An automatic coarse-grained classifier

Marco Rospocher, Chiara Ghidini, Luciano Serafini, Andreas Faatz, Barbara Kump, Tobias Ley, Viktoria Pammer and Stefanie Lindstaedt, Collaborative enterprise integrated modelling

Eric Kergosien, Marie-Noelle Bessagnet and Mauro Gaio, Semantic cartography: towards helping experts in their indexation task

Gianluca Correndo, Harith Alani, Paul Smart and Yannis Kalfoglou, A Community Based Approach for Managing Ontology Alignments

Ivan Bedini, Georges Gardarin and Benjamin Nguyen, Janus: Automatic Ontology Construction Tool

Zoulfa El Jerroudi and Jürgen Ziegler, iMERGE: Interactive Ontology Merging

Diego De Cao, Cristina Giannone and Roberto Basili, Frame-based Ontology Learning for Information Extraction

Marie Chagnoux, Nathalie Hernandez and Nathalie Aussenac-Gilles, Ontology Engineering from Text: searching for non taxonomic relations in versatile corpora