EKAW 2008 - 16th International Conference on
Knowledge Engineering and Knowledge Management
Knowledge Patterns

29th September-3rd October 2008 - Acitrezza, Catania, Italy

Accepted Papers

Long Research Papers

Christian Meilicke, Johanna Voelker and Heiner Stuckenschmidt. Learning Disjointness for Debugging Mappings between Lightweight Ontologies

Nadjet Zemirline, Chantal REYNAUD, Yolaine Bourda and Fabrice Popineau. Pattern and Rule-based Approach for Reusing Adaptive Hypermedia Creator's Models

Roberto Garcia, Juan Manuel Gimeno, Ferran Perdrix, Rosa Gil and Marta Oliva. A Platform for Object-Action Semantic Web Interaction

Paul Smart, Alistair Russell, Dave Braines, Yannis Kalfoglou, Jie Bao and Nigel Shadbolt. A Visual Approach to Semantic Query Design Using a Web-Based Graphical Query Designer

Geir Solskinnsbakk and Jon Atle Gulla. Ontological Profiles in Enterprise Search

Claudia d'Amato, Steffen Staab and Nicola Fanizzi. On the Influence of Description Logics Ontologies on Conceptual Similarity

Mario Gomez, Alun Preece, Matthew Johnson, Geeth de Mel, Wamberto Vasconcelos, Christopher Gibson, Amotz Bar-Noy, Konrad Borowiecki, Thomas La Porta, Diego Pizzocaro, Hosam Rowaihy, Gavin Pearson and Tien Pham. An Ontology-Centric Approach to Sensor-Mission Allocation

Guadalupe Aguado de Cea, Asunción Gómez-Pérez, Elena Montiel-Ponsoda and Mari Carmen Suárez-Figueroa. Natural Language-based Approach for Helping in the Reuse of Ontology Design Patterns

Rachanee Ungrangsi and Elena Simperl. OMEGA: An Automatic Ontology Metadata Generation Algorithm

Rokia Bendaoud, Yannick Toussaint and Amedeo Napoli. Formal Concept Analysis: A unified framework for building and refining ontologies

Ondrej Svab-Zamazal and Vojtech Svatek. Analysing Ontological Structures through Name Pattern Tracking

Paul Smart and Paula Engelbrecht. An Analysis of the Origin of Ontology Mismatches on the Semantic Web

Paul Compton, Byeong Ho Kang, Rodrigo Martínez-Béjar, mamatha rudrapatna and Arcot Sowmya. Situated Cognition in the Semantic Web Era

Ludger van Elst, Malte Kiesel, Sven Schwarz, Georg Buscher, Andreas Lauer and Andreas Dengel. Contextualized knowledge acquisition in a semantic wiki: The Mymory workbench

Martin Hepp. GoodRelations: An Ontology for Describing Web Offerings

Martin Hepp. E-Business Vocabularies as a Moving Target: Quantifying the Conceptual Dynamics in Domains

Gaël Dias and Raycho Mukelov. Fully Unsupervised Graph-Based Discovery of General-Specific Noun Relationships from Web Corpora Frequency Counts

Short Research Papers

Faezeh Ensan. Formalizing Ontology Modularization through the Notion of Interfaces

Mikel Egaña, Alan Rector, Robert Stevens and Erick Antezana. Applying Ontology Design Patterns in bio-ontologies

Francois Scharffe and Dieter Fensel. Correspondence Patterns for Ontology Alignment

Matteo Magnani and Danilo Montesi. Preference-based uncertain data integration

Yang Sok Kim and Byeong Ho Kang. Search Query Generation with MCRDR Document Classification Knowledge

Bruno Oliveira, Pável Calado and H. Sofia Pinto. Automatic Tag Suggestion Based on Resource Contents

Andriy Nikolov, Victoria Uren, Enrico Motta and Anne de Roeck. Integration of semantically annotated data by the KnoFuss architecture

khaled khelif, Fabien Gandon, Olivier Corby and Rose Dieng-Kuntz. Using the Intension of Classes and Properties definition in Ontologies for Word Sense Disambiguation

Bassem Makni, khaled khelif, Rose Dieng-Kuntz and Hacene Cherfi. Semi-automatic Creation of an Ontology and of Semantic Annotations from a Discussion Forum of a Community of Practice

Tommaso Agnoloni, Lorenzo Bacci and Enrico Francesconi. Ontology based legislative drafting: design and implementation of a multilingual knowledge resource

Malgorzata Mochol and Anja Jentzsch. Towards a rule-based matcher selection

Cartic Ramakrishnan, Pablo Mendes, Shaojun Wang and Amit Sheth. Unsupervised Discovery of Compound Entities for Relationship Extraction

Abraham Sebastian, Natalya F. Noy, Tania Tudorache and Mark A. Musen. A Generic Ontology For Collaborative Ontology-Development Workflows

Rinke Hoekstra and Joost Breuker. Polishing diamonds in OWL2